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the copper nose and the copper terminal

Source : www.longyidz.com   Date:2017-04-11

We found a lot of copper nose and copper terminals are not very understanding. Moreover, many people confuse the two. So, for a professional electrician must be familiar with the difference between the two. Only in this way can better use. In order to separate the novice electrician and non electrician from the copper nose and the copper terminal. We made a simple arrangement of the two:
A copper nose is used on the end of a cable core or wire. Scope of application: household appliances, electrical industry, mechanical equipment factory, shipyard, distribution cabinet, distribution box, etc.. The product has good appearance and good electrical conductivity.
Copper terminal is used for receiving wire access. In the electric circuit in order to ensure reliable wiring and convenient connection, at the end of the wire with a special wire clamp to connect the copper terminal. Commonly used in the RNB or DATG type; for example, RNB2.5-5 is a clamp 2.5 square wire, screw is 5mm, other models and so on.
Taixing dragon Terminal Co., Ltd. is a design, development and production of cold pressed terminal (also known as the end of the head or connector) as one of the professional manufacturers. The company specializes in the production and sales of conventional SC terminal, T terminal, DIN terminal DIN, GB DT terminals, pre insulated bare terminals, PVC, LT, nylon insulated terminal terminal million European specifications, and can be used for design and production according to customer requirements.
If you are interested in our products or have any questions, you can give us a message or contact us directly, we will receive your information, will be the first time to contact you in time, we sincerely hope to cooperate with all friends, work together in the future, sharing success!

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