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Copper nose can be both practical and intelligent

Source : www.longyidz.com   Date:2017-04-05

Although the China electrical products enterprises have gradually began to explore the development to high-end or intelligent direction, but there are also many insiders suggest that you want to create the most Chinese characteristics of electrical products, also need to take into account the practicality, have practical value on the basis of intelligence to maximize.
Compared to the previous two years, now the practical terminal is increasing, for example, the design of the fast plug terminal is becoming more humane, material is also more use of combustion supporting materials. Especially during the summer, orders are increasing, more than the traditional terminal." Engaged in electrical sales for many years said. According to him, many customers are willing to try to provide efficiency and quality products."
However, for the domestic already practical products, some retail store owners have said that such products are still only stay in the design stage is too simple, the degree of innovation and refinement has yet to be further strengthened. For example, it uses fast link terminal machine design by touch, break through the traditional screw screwed practice, reducing the terminal installation time, a good set of intelligent and practicability, just beginning to appear when sales are good. But with a long time will be easy to damage parts. If you want to do these articles, business owners also need to work on quality and precision.
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